5 reasons why a midweek stay is much better than you think
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5 reasons why a midweek stay is much better than you think

Written by Catarina

There’s nothing quite like an unplanned adventure. Picture packing a bag, tossing it in the car, and hitting the highway for the freedom of the open road. This year, clear your schedule, and plan a spur-of-the-moment, midweek getaway in the Belgian Ardennes or French Alsace. Work can wait, right?

Need some convincing? Here are 5 reasons why a midweek stay is much better than you think!

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The best attractions are the most popular. It makes sense, these places are great hence why many people want to experience them. However, fewer people can visit during the week and that’s exactly when you’ll be there, seeing and experiencing all those incredible places!

Strolling amidst beautiful forests is a unique experience that allows you to fully relax and clear your mind. That being said, it’s difficult to become truly immersed in nature when sharing a trail with plenty of other hikers. On a midweek stay  you can find crowd-free hikes and take-in the breathtaking views!


Weekends are for getaways. But who says that the weekend has to be a Saturday and Sunday? In fact, not everyone works the traditional Monday to Friday model. From healthcare practitioners to airport staff, to name just a few, there are so many people on different schedules. Does this apply to you? Then a midweek stay in one of our Cosy Cabins is the perfect recharging getaway! Even if your weekends are blissfully free, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to jump on the bandwagon and take a midweek break instead.😊


Life is busy for soon-to-be parents, so a pregnancy holiday is the perfect excuse to get away for a relaxing and restorative break! A babymoon is the opportunity to step back and feel the refreshing magic of the great outdoors when you most need it. Lovely hikes for all levels with nobody around, just the quiet you need!

Whether you want to simply unwind and de-stress or inject a little romance before the arrival of your new baby, a midweek stay is the way to go!


In need of a change of scenery? Swap out your office desk for a Cosy Cabin in the heart of nature. A midweek getaway at one of our forest villages means you can trade your office for some real-life forest views. The simple act of shifting your work environment for a short period can have a positive impact on your well-being and boost your creativity! 

Don’t worry, there is 3G/4G cellular network at our forest villages, so you’ll be able to work! 

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Adding a few extra days to your weekend opens up a world of possibilities and is a great alternative to an entire week off from work. Allow your mind some time off from work. Treat yourself to a long weekend in a Cosy Cabin and you’ll return to work feeling relaxed and refreshed!

Now that you know all the relaxing benefits of a midweek stay, are you ready to treat yourself to a glamping  getaway? You can book a midweek stay for 2 or 4 nights (Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday and from Monday to Friday) 

For a limited time only: Use code MIDWEEK and get 15% off your midweek stay! (Valid on midweek stays with check-in before 01/07)

Memories from the Nutchel team

"When we’re not fully booked during a midweek, I sometimes stay in one of our cabins and work from there. It’s a great way to add some diversity to my working days and being surrounded by nature really brings new energy and inspiration.”

- Ineke, Digital and Social Media Manager at Nutchel

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