Our top 5 reasons to celebrate winter

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Our top 5 reasons to celebrate winter

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A woman reading a book in front of the wood stove

Letting yourself be amazed by the lights

The first days of winter are all about the holidays! And with them come along the magic of the Christmas lights. Nearbyour forest villages, you will find plenty of richly decorated Christmas markets and their beautiful lights. And if you stay in your Cosy Cabin, the candles and fairy lights will surely create an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Asthe night falls early, which makes us appreciate the beauty of lights evenmore!

Cozying up near the wood stove

After a long day in nature in winter,what could better than warming up by the woodstove of your cabin? Sitting on acozy sofa, wrapped in a soft plaid, sipping on a mug of hot tea, while you read the book you have been wishing to finish for a long time. Looks like the best time to us!

The first snow of winter on a Cosy Cabin in Alsace

Rediscovering the calm of sleeping nature

f you are hoping for a white winter, you are in luck! The Belgian Ardennes and Alsace are frequently covered with snow!

After the first snow, it is always incredibly calm with only the cracks of the snow and twigs on the grounds to hear around. We don’t always acknowledge how constant sounds can be tiring – use this opportunity to fully relax!

Smelling winter

Did you know? The human brain can associate smells with specific memories. When we close our eyes and think of winter, these are the delicious odors that we do smell: the burning wood from the woodstove, the spices of the mulled wine, the sweetness of the orange peel,the paper smell from a book or a gift wrapt…

A tasty raclette meal with melted cheese

Treating yourself to comfort food

When it’s cold outside, comfort foods willsurely bring you a lot of joy! Whether you prefer to cook the ingredients available in our Honesty Shop or to order a tasty raclette basket, you can enjoy a tasty and locally sourced meal in your Cosy Cabin. And what is even better,is that you get to do it surrounded by your loved ones!

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