Go back to basic and discover the
pleasure of the simple things in life


Enjoy your
time off!

Focus on nothing but
enjoying our Cosy Cabins


Spend quality time
with your loved ones

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Nutchel - discover our forest camp

Discover Nutchel's Forest Camp located in the heart of the Belgium Ardennes, near Martelange. Go back-to-basic and rediscover the pleasure of simple things; create light via oil lamps and candles, and heat up your cabin with a wood stove. Stay in one of our Cosy Cabins, which blend perfectly with nature, without compromising too much on comfort. Nutchel is the perfect place to escape busy daily life, reconnect to nature and spend quality time with friends and family! Read more...

What clients say about us

"The perfect place to take a break from reality, relax and have an amazing holiday in Belgium!" - Charlotte, January 2021

"We have been walking in beautiful nature, brought out board games, had good meals but most of all, enjoyed the beautiful spot and each other. Highly recommended! Maybe we will be back again during the winter to test the woodstove and the hot tub." - Leen, August 2020

"Suddenly I wonder why I have all this stuff, when we really need so little to be happy. (...) A change of perspective can help you recognize what’s truly essential. 2020, you’re just full of lessons, aren’t you?
" - Deepa, July 2020

"At Nutchel it’s all about living life a bit more simple and slow paced. Going back to nature and enjoying the little things, with books and boardgames over TV and WiFi. We woke up to birds chirping outside and to soft morning lights peeking into our cabin that still had the subtle savour of wood smoke in it." -
Palms and bricks, July 2020

Covid-19 safety measures

Covid-19 measures
To find answers to your questions related to your stay and the current Covid-19 situation, please visit our FAQ.

Summer holidays at Nutchel

Book your Easter stay at Nutchel

Whether you are looking for an action-packed summer holiday in nature or some time to slow down and relax with your family or friends, at Nutchel we've got it all!

Our Cosy Cabins

Nutchel Cosy Cabins

All of our cabins do have large windows that will give you the feeling of being in the middle of the trees and finally reconnecting to nature again. Click here to discover more about our cabins!

Exploring the Ardennes

Holiday in the Ardennes
Rolling hills covered with trees as far as the eye can see. Martelange is located in the green heart of the Ardennes, perfect for long walks in nature or adventurous bike rides!

Did you know …

Bring your dog on holiday
… we love dogs?
Well, we do. Just love ‘em. So please bring your tail-wagger friend along! Please do keep them on a leash though ;) There are a few conditions, click here to find out more.
Breakfast Nutchel
... that you can book breakfast at our forest camp?
Our breakfast baskets are filled with lots of local and regional products to savour. Start your day right and enjoy a good breakfast in your cosy cabin.
Bike rental at Nutchel forest camp Les Ardennes
… you can rent bikes at our forest camp?
Spend time in nature and grap one of our high-quality E-Bikes or regular Mountain bikes to do a tour in the surroundig area.