A day in your dog's life at Nutchel

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A day in your dog's life at Nutchel

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At Nutchel, we want to offer you the opportunity to bond on a deeper level with your loved ones. And we know that you love your dog just as much as any other family member.

This is the reason why dogs are welcome in our Classic cabins and that we provide you with a few dog essentials for the both of you to be able to enjoy your time here. Here is a day in the life of a happy dog at Nutchel 🐶

A woman hugging her dog on her Cosy Cabin terrace

Morning walks in the middle of the forest

After a cosy night in your cabin, it's time for a morning walk! Our forest villages in the Ardennes or Alsace are surrounded by green forests for your four-legged friend to explore. We even have designed a few routes especially for dogs, an absolute must-do for all dog lovers!

A nap in the sun

After your power walk, here comes the lunch! While you enjoy a delicious barbecue on the sunny terrace of your cosy cabin, it's time for a nap for your dog. He sits in the basket included in the dog package and falls into a sleep, lulled by the birdsongs.

Discoveries and games

Just like for humans, nature is a wonderful playground for dogs! There, you find a stick to play fetch, here a pretty flower that impresses your tail-wagging friend with its pretty colors...unless the both of your prefer to take a dip in one of the many lakes and meandering rivers of the area?

Cuddles by the fire

The sun is setting and the day is finally over... As you drink your last cup of tea of the day in front of the wood stove, your dog snuggles up against you for a last hug. One of many Nutchel moments that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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