Escaping the heat

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Escaping the heat

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The cooling effect of nature

With strong heat waves striking Europe more often than ever, the high temperatures can really become a liability when it comes to enjoying one’s summer vacations. If you are not a fan of heatstroke and air conditioning, our forest villages might be the perfect summer location for you! Find out why below!

A woman on a morning walk in the forest with her two dogs

Chilling in nature

The temperature in the city can be unbearable during the summer months. Our two forest villages are located in the middle of beautiful nature, which allow us to better cope with the summer heat.

The surrounding trees and vegetation indeed provide shade, which helps to lower the temperature of the atmosphere and your body.

Far away from the polluted urban air, it is also easier to breathe and stay cool at all times during your stay at Nutchel.

A Canopy cabin in the middle of the forest

Summer in the cabins

In addition to reinvesting 15% of Nutchel’s revenue in the small-scale reforestation of our 2 domains, we made sure that our cabins are built with sustainable materials, which helps to regulate the temperature inside.

The cabins also have large windows that allow for natural ventilation, for you to enjoy the cool breeze that comes from the nearby forest.

Natural grounds to help with the heat

Another decision that we made during our construction work, is to remove most concrete grounds from our 2 forest villages. In urban areas, the ground is often covered in concrete, which absorbs and radiates heat, making the temperature even hotter.

We made the conscious decision of replacing it with local gravel, grass and other more natural material to allow the soils to breathe and nature to grow again. This has another positive effect: these materials do not absorb and radiate heat in the same way that concrete does, which helps to keep the temperature lower.

A woman enjoying the sun dipping her feet in the pool at Nutchel Alsace

Activities to stay cool at Nutchel

There are many activities that you can enjoy while staying cool at and around our domains.

What about taking a dip in the non-heated pool at Nutchel Alsace? Or in the Haute-Sûre lake near Nutchel Les Ardennes? You can also go for a hike in the forest, where the trees will keep you as cool as a cucumber… especially if you cross a waterfall along the way.

And in the evening, you can definitely enjoy the cooler air from your terrace, while enjoying a BBQ and a good glass of fresh rosé wine!

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