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What can you do at our domain Alsace?

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Everything is made for you to simply relax, and specifically our water path including a sauna session
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Play & be creative
Feeling playful? We got you covered, with plenty of outdoor games and creative activities
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Be amazed
Staying at Nutchel is always a bit magical : spend time looking at the stars or building shacks for the forest fairies !
A woman getting a tan by the non-heated pool at Nutchel AlsaceA group meditating near the pool in Alsace
Friends enjoying the saunaA man entering the sauna in Nutchel Alsace


Whilst staying at Nutchel, you can not only detox your mind but also your body and take a session at our water path.

Start off with a quiet moment in the wooden sauna with a view on the moutains.
After heating up, take a refresh in our cold outdoor bath. The switch from warm to cold stimulates circulation of your blood and makes you fit for the rest of the day.

The water path is included in the Canopy stays in Alsace.

Play and be creative

Family doing a DIY together
A woman planting a pinetree
Decorated wood logs

DIY activities

Did you already hear about the DIY #mynutchel activities? Every month, there is a different activity planned for you (adults & kids) during your stay. The activities are based on the different seasons of the year always using natural materials that you can find just around the corner of your cabin.
A couple playing Scrabble in front of the woodstove of their Cosy Cabin
People playing a chess game
Family playing with Kapla


Outdoor games are available in self-service at the Cosy Chalet. There are for all ages and all tastes, from petanque to tree hunting... outside, it means also taking in all the benefits of nature. Playground, small via ferrata, campfire... you will never be short of ideas.
A kid painting the wall
A kid showing off a drawing
a family that builds houses for birds

Creative material

Nature is truly inspiring! At the Cosy Chalet, painting and drawing materials are available for all of our guests to take on their creative side during their stay. Each cabin also has a creative wall where you can pin your nicest creation, for the next guests to feel right at home.

Be amazed

Building little and big shacks
When walking through our forest village, you'll discover the magic fairy shack. The woods that surround our camps are populated by lots of fairies and elves with magical powers. When building a shack for them, you'll be guaranteed luck and happiness. And if you want to challenge yourself, we also provide you with materials and instructions on how to build a human-size hut. Wanna try it out?

Grilling marshmallows under the stars
At Nutchel, we are real marshmallow and chocolate lovers! No wonder that we love to grill s'mores over the firepit located just next to our Chalet. From nightfall, the firepit turns into an intimate setting from where you can look at the beautiful starry sky. So worth it!

A couple toasting marshmallows on a campfire at Nutchel Alsace
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