Expressing your love at Nutchel

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Expressing your love at Nutchel

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In the fast-paced world as we know it today, expressing love can be difficult. For couples seeking a romantic getaway, a Cosy Cabin can easily become the ideal canvas to deepen connections and explore your appreciation of each other in a whole other way. Explore here how to express love through the five love languages—words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch—while immersing yourselves in the enchanting atmosphere of Nutchel.


A couple toasting marshmallows on the campfire

Receiving Gifts: Symbolic Tokens of Love

Even before your stay, you can show appreciation to your partner by surprising them a Nutchel gift voucher or even a stay in a hot tub cabin! In addition to the stay with just the two of you to rekindle a flame, you will have time to make together thoughtful and personalized gifts, as a reminder of your stay together.


Words of Affirmation: Cute messages Amidst Nature

Nutchel’s serene surroundings leave room and time for expressing words of affirmation. Take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere to write heartfelt messages to your partner. Whether it’s a note left under the pillow or a romantic letter during a forest walk, words have the power to strengthen your emotional connection.


Quality Time: Nature Walks, Hot Tubs and Intimate Conversations

Whether you prefer to spend time in the hot tub, or to embark on nature walks together in the nearby forests, you now have the time to engage in meaningful conversations with your favorite person. A new way of finding back your connection, in a unique setting!

With the code MONAMOUR, express your love and benefit from a 15% discount on your stay in Alsace between 12th February and 1st March.*

A couple inside a Cosy Cabin in winter

Acts of Service: Surprise Your Partner with Thoughtful Gestures

At Nutchel, acts of service take on a new meaning. Consider organizing a candlelit barbecue dinner in the comfort of your cabin, or turn on the woodstove to keep them warm at night. These thoughtful gestures show your commitment to making your partner’s stay special, creating lasting memories in the process.

Physical Touch: Reconnecting in Nutchel's Tranquil Environment

Nutchel's intimate cabins provide the perfect setting for physical closeness. Whether it's a cozy evening by the fireplace, a relaxing massage, or a simple hug under the starlit sky, physical touch becomes a language of its own in this idyllic retreat.


*Discount valid on bookings made from 09/02/2024 on, with check-in after 12/02/2024 and check-out before 01/03/2024. This promo code is valid on all cabin types in the forest village Nutchel Alsace. This promo code cannot be cumulated with other discounts and cannot be applied retroactively.

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