Joining the Nutchel team

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A beautiful adventure is waiting for you!

Founded in 2018, Nutchel is offering unique experiences and unforgettable memories to our guests in our Cosy Cabins.

In joining the Nutchel team, you get the chance to do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful, something bigger.

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Our corporate values

2 colleagues from Nutchel Alsace after gathering mushrooms


We love nature and we are authentic people. We wish to cultivate simplicity and authenticity in people's heart.
Part of the Nutchel team on the top of the Donon mountain

Out-of-the-box thinking

We work on being creative and making bold decisions on daily basis.
The CFO of Nutchel working on the landscaping of a new forest village


We are problem-lovers and solution-makers. We see issues as opportunities to improve and reinvent the way we do things.
Alsace director serving food during a seminar


We care for each other, for our guests, for our environment. Caring allows us to grow as a better team.
2 receptionnists at Nutchel Alsace

Team spirit

We take the time to be a support for each other, we put the needs of the team before our own.

Our current job offers

Choose your preferred location on discover our current offers!
If you are enthusiastic and think you are a good fit, send us your resume and cover letter at
And if you did not find your dream offer, don't worry : we also accept applications on spec!  

Job offers - Headquarters in Luxembourg

Junior legal officer

It's essential! You are the legal elf for the General Management of the Group, Team Leads, and Site Managers, guiding them through legal analysis in decision-making.

Your missions

  • Ensure legal prevention through analysis of existing contracts and those to be signed from partners of all kinds (goods and/or services providers, financial services, insurance, IT, construction contractors, townships and institutions, etc.)
  • Draft contracts issued by Nutchel, especially employment and commercial contracts
  • Prepare of case files in the event of litigation risk, including basic legislative and jurisprudential references
  • Be a legal support to decision-making for the leaders of different entities (Luxembourg, France, and Belgium)
  • Research and/or monitore legislation (on request) in European, Belgian, French, and/or Luxembourgish law in areas of law that regularly concern us: contract law, commercial law, social law, labor law, social security law, urban planning and environmental law, company law, administrative law, consumer protection, intellectual property, real estate law, European law, and private international law
  • Be a point of contact for specialized lawyers to whom you may turn, if necessary, for their expertise in one of the previously mentioned areas according to national and/or local law

Your profile

  • You hold a master's degree in law. An additional master's degree, specific training, or internship in one of the previously mentioned legal domains is a plus
  • You speak French and English. Dutch and/or German is a plus
  • You master legal research tools and the Office suite
  • You have excellent writing skills
  • A first experience in a company, even as an internship, is a plus

Your soft skills

  • Tireless desire to learn, you enjoy discovery
  • Out-of-the-box thinking, precision, analytics, and rigour
  • Problem-solving mentality, proactivity, and be a solution-maker
  • Respectfulof the people around you and your environment
  • Collaboration, interaction, and communication


What we offer

  • Permanent part-time position with possible evolution to full-time (or 4/5)
  • Very flexible hours with the possibility of working remotely
  • A highly varied job rich in training experiences
  • Extra-legal benefits
  • Vacation benefits on our domains
  • A motivated and enthusiastic team that shares our values!
Project Management & Development Assistant

Your job is essential! You are the timing keeper and the link between the Development team and our Chief Development Officer (CDO).

Your missions

  • Assist the CDO throughout the internal development process of forest villages, working with all stakeholders from conception and construction to the operational opening of the site
  • Prepare documentation related to potential future locations
  • Organize all contacts with townships, territorial authorities, administrations, architects, and consulting firms during the design phase
  • Organize, participate in, and ensure the minutes of construction meetings during the execution phase
  • Draft all necessary elements for proper project management, and establish the documentary system
  • Keep track of the project's schedule and timing

Your profile

  • You have a degree equivalent to Bac +2/Bac+3 or equivalent field training
  • You speak Frenc, German and English
  • You have  several years of experience in project management
  • You have excellent writing skills
  • You master the Office suite

Your soft skills

  • Organization is second nature to you
  • Precision and rigour
  • Assertiveness and ability to bring people together
  • Respectfulness of the people around you and your environment
  • Collaboration, interactiveness, and communication

What we offer

  • Full-time permanent contract (or 4/5)
  • Extra-legal benefits
  • Vacation benefits on our domains
  • A motivated and enthusiastic team who shares our values!

Job offers - Alsace

We don't have an open position for this location at the moment.

Job offers - Les Ardennes

We don't have an open position for this location at the moment.
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