Reinventing yourself with the new year

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Reinventing yourself with the new year

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What if...

The living room of a Cosy Cabin with a dog laying on the sofa in the sun

You took spontaneous holidays ?

What if you took off at any time of the year to spend a few days in the middle of nature, instead of sticking to the usual format of 3 weeks off in the middle of August?

Our domains Les Ardennes or Alsace are open all year long for you to enjoy a quiet break just a few short hours away from home. We are always a little busier on weekends than during midweeks: this leaves you the opportunity to choose your dream cabin.

Which one sounds the most tempting : the coziness from our Sweet with hot tub cabins or the beautiful view of our Canopy cabins?

You used your days off to (really) disconnect?

Let us paint a picture of your next stay at Nutchel: all you need is a break after a few intense months of work!

Your stay with us has come at a right time: you are invited to put aside your bright screens and busy agendas. Instead of the TV, there’s a fire crackling in the woodstove. Instead of waking up to the sound of your alarm, all you hear are the sounds of nature waking up after winter.

You have finally managed to take the time to slow down and your mind has became lighter in just a few days... You are ready to start off again on the right foot!

A couple lighting a fire in the woodstove of a Cosy Cabin

You went back to basics during your holidays?

For a few months, and even years, crises have been following one after the other and it is sometimes difficult to make sense of things… getting back to basics has never been seemed as important as lately!

By indulging with a short stay at one of our forest villages, you also reconnect with your safe space. Your loved one is whispering tender words in your ear. Your children are having fun thanks to this new card game. You feel loved and in the moment. Your cabin offers all the necessary comfort to allow you to only think about what really matters.

Does it sounds good to you?

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