Taking on your wild side

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Taking on your wild side

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A wild family summer

With summer approaching, you are most certainly planning the annual vacation for the whole family: what if, for once, you keep the schedule to the bare minimum to let your wild side speak? Here is what we offer you at Nutchel!

A family hiking in the forest

Hiking in the forest

Only a few minutes from your cosy cabin is the starting point for lovely hikes through the forest. No need to plan the route in advance, you will find maps directly at our Cosy Chalet.

Are you real adventurers? Leave the maps aside and trust your instincts and the marking along the way. You will always find your way back!

Fishing at night

If fishing may seem a little too long to children in the middle of the day, doing it at night gives it a new appeal.

At our forest village Les Ardennes, we can provide you with equipment to catch fish in the Sûre river which runs along the domain. The spot is well known by local fishing enthusiasts and your children should therefore not have too much trouble to get their first fish catches!

A father and his two kids building a tree hut in the forest

Building a hut

At Nutchel, we are true hut lovers! To share our passion with the little Nutchies, we provide material and instructions to allow them to build a nice hut in the forest.

And as soon as it is finished, we should suggest that they organize a picnic in their cabin, they will be super proud to welcome you in their den!

Playing hide and seek in the forest

The groves of the forest often are an ideal hiding place! After setting the limits of the game ground, run and hide behind a tree while your child counts to 100 (or less if they’re younger). It's a great way to enjoy the great outdoors with your tribe: the more the merrier!

A father and his two sons toasting marshmallows on a brasero

Toasting s'mores over the campfire

What is the first thing you think of when talking about campfire ? For us, that would definitely be toasted marshmallows!

Each of our forest villages has an on-site campfire: after dark, gather around the fire for some storytelling time and toasting of marshmallows.

The recipe is simple: put your toasted marshmallow on top on a chocolate square and between 2 biscuits: the little ones will love it so much, they’ll lick their fingers!

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