The magic of a romantic getaway

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The magic of a romantic getaway

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Re-enchanting autumn as a couple

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting colder, routine can seem dreary in the fall. You probably only want one thing: to curl up in the arms of your loved one, far from all the daily worries. Find out how a stay at Nutchel in autumn can bring a little magic back into your life!

A couple turning on the woodstove in a tiny house

Welcome in a cocoon of softness

At any time during your stay, the sofa facing the woodstove and with a view on nature is an ideal spot to warm up and snuggle up together.

Watching the crackling fire always has a bewitching side and it's even better when you get to witness with your favorite person, after a good invigorating raclette basket.

With a charming nighttime atmosphere

As soon as night falls on our forest villages in Alsace or the Ardennes, our cosy cabins light up to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

In each of them you can find fairy lights, candles and oil lamps, lighting your cabin with small warm touches. So romantic, so magical!

The forest's wonders in autumn

If you have ever hiked in the forest in the fall, you know it is always full of discoveries.

Hand in hand with your loved one, you admire the autumn colors of the trees and come face to face with a pretty doe seeking refuge in the woods.

If you follow it, you may find one of our Fairy Shacks that our little visitors have built for the elves who inhabit the forest! So make a wish if you pass by, legend has it that they will come true. 😉.

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