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Forest Village Les Ardennes
Rue de Radelange 51
B-6630 Martelange

+352 28 79 54 88

Forest Village Les Ardennes is currently only accessible through Wissenbach and Radelange. Please follow the instructions of Google Maps or Waze for more details.

For information about local activities or hikes, please contact our team on site by email at

For information regarding your booking (upgrade, extras), please contact our Customer Service at during the opening hours:

Monday: 10 am - 6 pm

Tuesday: 8 - 11 am

Wednesday: 8 - 11 am

Thursday: 8 - 11 am

Friday: 8 - 11 am

Saturday & Sunday: closed

Preparing your stay at Nutchel Les Ardennes

Life on the domain

Where can I park nearby Les Ardennes?

Upon arrival at our forest village you will cross a bridge. On your right-hand side, you will see a large parking area and our Cosy Chalet . You can leave your car at this parking slot during the whole stay.

Are the cabins located in the middle of the forest?

Our two domains Les Ardennes and Alsace are located midst nature, but still close to the street to guarantee accessibility. At Nutchel, we want to make a positive impact on nature and therefore were obliged to put some cabins closer to each other, in order to protect the ground and the surrounding trees. The Cosy Cabins are scattered throughout the domains and in proximity to each other.

Is there a charging station for cars on site?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a charging station for your electrical/hybrid car (yet). However, there are charging spots within a short distance from both domains and our on-site team will be glad to advise you accordingly.

Is there a grocery shop on site or nearby?

In our Cosy Chalet, you'll find a little Honesty Shop with some local food and drink options to buy, as well as recyclable cups, bags, etc. However, for a larger grocery shop we advise you to visit one of the supermarkets in the area, just a few minutes located away from our domains.

Is there firewood available on the domain?

Yes, there is enough firewood for you available on the domain, free of cost.

What time should I check-in and check-out in Les Ardennes?

You can check-in between 4 pm and 8 pm.

If you can't arrive in the standard check-in time, we can welcome you up to 10 pm and we would charge you with a late check-in fee of €40. As part of this service fee we turn on your wood stove and light the oil lamps and candles in your cabin. In case of an unplanned later arrival, please contact our team on site by phone.


You can check-out until 10 am on check-out.

Early check-out can be organized with the on-site team if needed, although it won't change the price of your stay.

Life in a cabin

Is there electricity and a heating in the cabins?

Every cabin contains one electricity plug to charge your necessary device(s). We kindly ask you not to put a multiple plug.

There is no classical heating in the cabins, but by regular use of the woodstove, the cabins easily get comfy and warm, even during colder nights.

Is there warm water available in the cabins?

Yes, there is warm water in the cabin shower. If you need some warm water to wash the dishes, you can easily take the big pot and warm up some water on the woodstove.

Is Wi-Fi available in the cabins?

Nope, niente, nada! We made a conscious decision not to install Wi-Fi in the cabins as this is not part of the Nutchel philosophy.

Does the cabin have household appliances?

The access to electricity is limited in our cosy cabins. Therefore:

  • There’s no classic fridge in the cabin as we've opted for a more ecological approach and use cool boxes with freezing elements, which can be picked up and returned at the dedicated areas on the domain, free of cost.
  • There is no microwave nor oven in the cabin. To cook food, you can use the gas stove, gas BBQ or wood stove available in your cabin.
Can I bring my pet?

Pets are allowed in our Classic for 4 or Classic for 6 cabins.

Please inform us beforehand so we can provide you with the necessary utensils such as a dog bed and a feeding bowl.

Can we have 1 additional guest sleeping on the couch? 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to exceed the cabin’s maximal capacity for safety and insurance reason. Therefore, we do not allow an extra guest sleeping on the couch or on an inflatable mattress. 

Is there enough space for a baby bed to put in the cabin?

Yes, there is enough space for one baby bed to put next to the bed on the ground floor.

Do I need to clean my cabin upon departure?

You don't need to clean your cabin. However, we ask you to leave the towels and bedsheets on the floor and do your dishes. In case of any loss or damage, we have the right to charge you an extra cleaning fee, as per our terms and conditions.

Food & Activities

How can I make coffee in the cabin?

In all of our Cosy Cabins, you'll find a Bialetti coffee maker. Please note that there is no coffee powder in the cabins, so you have to bring it with you or buy it in our Honesty Shop.

Where can I get advices on good hikes and activities around the domain?

On the page for each forest village, you will find a map with suggested recommended activities:

Please do not hesitate to also contact our customer service to receive the best updated brochures of walks and activities.

Our local crew is also more than happy to give you the best tips to have wonderful walks around the domain. 

In your bag

Do I need to bring my own bed linen?

No, you don't. All beds in the cabin will be made upon your arrival.

Do I need to bring towels?

All our Cabins with hot tub, the Nest and the Canopy Cabins are equipped with towels. If you have booked one of the other cabins types, you can either book a soft towel package for €5 per person or simply bring your own. Our towel package consists of a small and a big soft towel per person.

Do I need to bring charcoal to use my BBQ?

All our barbecues run on gas. Therefore, you can come with a rested mind: everything is ready for you to use them. They’re also usable all year long thanks to our roofed terrace.

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