Summer hidden gems in Alsace

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Summer hidden gems in Alsace

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After a frantic year at work, it is now time to disconnect and relax. So even if flying to distant lands may seem tempting, you can also perfectly escape from your daily routine within a few hour drive from home. Summer is finally here !

Far from the crowds, secretive Alsace has so much to offer in summer : culture and nature, places of history and wine routes, beautiful walks and cool rivers. Now, what if summer also meant discovering new things? Our Forest Village Nutchel Alsace finds itself at the crossroads of all these possibilities, and is the ideal starting point for a family micro-adventure.

Discover some hidden treasures less than 20 minutes away from Nutchel Alsace

A man hiking in the forest in summer

The Chatte Pendue Rock:

Put on your best hiking shoes and set off for a morning hike in the forest to this magnificent viewpoint overlooking the entire Bruche Valley! Discover the itinerary here  

Wild edible plant discovery walk:

On the Vosges side, Aurore, producer and picker, will accompany you in a walk on her land to discover these original plants. You even get to try some of these in a snack cooked by the host! Book your edible plant walk here  

Oberlin Museum:

In this unique museum, you will be invited to perceive, listen, read, build, think and feel, as per the teachings of the wonderful Pastor Oberlin. It’s a fascinating activity for your entire family! More about the museum here

Use these few extra ideas to plan
your summer holidays in Alsace with complete peace of mind!

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