Wake up in your Cosy Cabin with the view on nature and start your day right with our delicious breakfast baskets, made out of regional and artisanal food. The baskets can be ordered online or upon arrival on site. Right in the morning, take some fresh air and go for a walk to the Cosy Chalet to pick up your ordered baskets.

Sweet breakfast for adults (13 €) : Bread, Streusel, butter, yoghurt, jam, sugar, coffee, tea, milk, apple juice

Salty breakfast for adults (13 €) : Bread, malicette bun, butter, ham, tomme de brebis, one egg, sugar, coffee, tea, milk, apple juice

Healthy breakfast for adults (13 €) : Muesli, yoghurt, raisin-hazelnut bread, honey, fresh fruit, sugar, coffee, tea, milk, apple juice

Breakfast for children (8 €) : Brioche, granola, honey caramel, milk, apple juice, hot chocolate, fresh fruit

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Pure cosiness: A summer barbecue with your loved ones. We offer delicious barbecue baskets from the local butcher. Finsh your day slowly and enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious food, to grill on your private outdoor barbecue.

Barbecue basket for adults (29 €) : 3 high-quality meats, country bread, grated potatoes, grated carrots and sesame-soy vinaigrette, seasonal salad, sauces and chocolate mousse

Vegetarian barbecue basket (25 €) : 2 vegetarian steaks, grated potatoes, a veggie to grill, country bread, grated carrots and sesame-soy vinaigrette, a seasonal salad, 3 sauces and a chocolate mousse

Barbecue basket for children (15 €) 4 small sausages, grated potatoes, grated carrots & vinaigrette, 3 sauces, a chocolate mousse and the chef's surprise!

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Try out local food and let you indulge by the delicious munster basket that we serve all year long. Perfectly paired with a glass of good wine? 

Munster basket for adults (18 €) : Munster cheese, smoked sausage, some bread, Spätzle, a sprig of thyme, honey, grated carrots and mustard

Vegetarian munster basket (16 €): Munster cheese, bread, spätzle, a prig of thyme, honey, grated carrots and mustard

Munster basket for children (9 €) Munster cheese, some ham and bread, Spätzle, honey and grated carrots

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OUR honesty shop

Upon arrival at the village, you realise you forgot the chocolate spread for breakfast, the olive oil for cooking or a good bottle of wine to enjoy? Don't worry! Go have a look at our lovely Honesty Shop at the Chalet, with a range of regional products to buy. Do not hesitate to ask at the reception desk for more information about the products.

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