Alsatian gourmet specialities

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Alsatian gourmet specialities

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Visiting the Alsace is not only about the pictoresques towns and their romantic charm. It is also about tasting all the Alsatian gourmet specialties that are a treat for both the eyes and the palate. We are hereby going to introduce you to the best food Alsace has to offer and that can't miss during your visit in the region! :-)

A typical flammekueche from Alsace

Flammekueche, tarte flambée or French pizza?

The iconic tarte flambée, but also known as the flammekueche, is an easy-to-cook, but very tasty speciality, that over the last decades has not only become popular in France. The tarte flambée is essentially just a flatbread with bacon and onion on it. Sounds sober? Then you will be surprised by the taste!

The flammekueche is also a symbol of conviviality, simple to cook but even more simple to eat! It is the perfect dish to share around the table with friends or family. Forget about your etiquette, because the French pizza is eaten with fingers, in a quaint winstub ;-) Our tip for a delicious Cosy Cabin meal: As every of our cabins disposes of a woodstove inside, prepare your own tarte flambée and let it bake on the woodstove.

Alsatian Sauerkraut

The Sauerkraut, also known as white cabbage, is one of the most traditional dishes and probably represents all authentic Alsace in just one dish. It consists of white cabbage, potatoes and a few pork options suchs as smoked bacon, ham and sausages. Portions are usually quite big, so if you are hungry, just hop into one of the many traditional Alsatian restaurants and you certainly get your belly filled! There exists several different ways to serve the Sauerkraut. One of them is the Bavarian style, which you might now. But the traditional German Sauerkraut, that you can get in the Alsace, usually has a less sweeter and therefore more intense flavour.

Did you know? Back in the 16th century, the Germanic people began to dry and curing white cabbage with salt, to extract the water from the vegetable. After that, the cabbage fermented in its own juice, and the sugars in the cabbage turned into lactic acid, which today scores with its numerous health benefits such as providing probiaotics and vitamin K2. Eating Sauerkraut may help you strengthen your immune system or improve your digestion.

Kougelhopf or Pretzel?

Have you ever wondered how the Pretzel got its shape? A legend has it that the taste treat was invented by an Italian monk in the year 610 A.D. To reward young children for learning their prayers, he folded strips of bread dough to resemble the crossed arms pf praying children, and afterwards distributed them to the pupils. Well, over the time, the Pretzel has always been associated with the Germany or Swiss tradition and is nowadatys seen as an integral part of local cuisines. Pretzels are available with their traditional flavour, but can also be topped up with special glazes, salt crystals, cinnamon or sugar to hit the spot.

For the sweet lovers amongst us, the classical Kouglhopf might be the better option. It is a yeast or sponge cake served with caster sugar sprinkled on top. Back in the time, the Kouglhopf has always been popularized as a prestige pastry. After a long walk in the outdoors, what could be better to enjoy as a snack on the terrace of your Cosy Cabin than a piece of a sweet Kouglhopf or a salty Pretzel?

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