A touch of well-being included with your Canopy stay

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A touch of well-being included with your Canopy stay

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A woman looking at the view from a Canopy rooftop terrace at sundown

Our Canopy cabins have always been one of our favorite cabins!

The view from the roof-top terrace is worthy of a superb painting by a great master. In the foreground and below, our wooden Cosy Cabins fit nicely into the landscape. In the back, green hills are standing, swept by a soft light.

With your eyes riveted on such a beautiful spectacle, you immediately disconnect from your busy life. Now, what more could you ask for?

And what about an extra touch of well-being?

Our water path is available at a price of 15€ per person, for a 1-hour session!

The 2 saunas and cold bath in the evening in winter

Time for detox

A stay at Nutchel is always a detox moment. At first for the spirit: the calm of the forest village has a soothing effect as soon as you arrive. From then on, it is much easier to put aside the hassles of everyday life to only focus on the present moment and those you love.

But this also applies to your body now, thanks to our water path!

What is the water path package?

Before going to the sauna, slip into your bathing suit and the bathrobe included in your Canopy cabin. The heat of the sauna will then help your mind and body to release their toxins as you let your gaze wander over the surrounding nature.

Once done with the sauna, we dare you to soak your toes (or even your whole body) in our cold outdoor bath: unique sensations guaranteed! The transition from hot to cold will stimulate the circulation of your blood and give you energy for the rest of the day.

We will also have included a tasteful local tea in the package. This will allow you to gently conclude your water experience and keep on enjoying your Canopy cabin for the rest of your stay in Alsace. Does this sound tempting to you?

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