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We have a large offer of delicious meal options from breakfasts to evening meals, which you can order online or during your stay.
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Cooking in the cabin
Your cabin has a fully equipped kitchen and our Honesty Shop is filled with tasty specialties from Alsace, give it a try!
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Our local suppliers
We work with talented locals who are eager to give you a taste of their heritage. Discover the faces behind the food!

Order baskets from Nutchel

For big and small eaters, vegetarian, super sporty or all-rounders, Nutchel offers baskets for breakfast  and evening meals. Simply place your order the day before, then come and pick it up the basket at the Cosy Chalet. Inside, nothing but local products, from only a few kilometers around. Tested and approved by the team.

Inside the soup package in Les Ardennes
Salty breakfast in Alsace
Breakfast table


Breakfast basket for adults (€13): Bread, a croissant, some ham and cheese, one egg, butter, jam, yoghurt, fresh fruit, milk, sugar, coffee, tea, apple juice

Breakfast basket for children (€8): Brioche, some granola, chocolate spread, fresh fruit, some milk, apple juice, hot chocolate chips to melt
Inside the barbecue basket in Alsace
Grilling meat on the barbecue
A delicious Nutchel barbecue basket


Barbecue basket for adults (€29): 3 high-quality meats, bread, grated potatoes, grated carrots with cream & cumin vinaigrette, a seasonal salad, sauces and a chocolate mousse

Vegetarian barbecue basket (€29): 2 vegetarian steaks, grated potatoes, 1 veggie to grill, bread, grated carrots with cream & cumin vinaigrette, a seasonal salad, 3 sauces and a chocolate mousse

Barbecue basket for children (€15): 4 small sausages, grated potatoes, bread, grated carrots & vinaigrette, 3 sauces, a chocolate mousse and the chef's surprise!
Inside the raclette basket in Les Ardennes
Raclette basket Les Ardennes
Table with raclette package


Raclette basket for adults (€25): selection of cold cuts, raclette cheeses, bread, potatoes, lettuce with vinaigrette, and a dessert.

Vegetarian raclette basket (€25): raclette cheese, bread, potatoes, lettuce with vinaigrette, fresh button mushrooms, and a dessert.

Raclette basket for kids (€17): selection of cold cuts, raclette cheese, bread, potatoes, lettuce with vinaigrette, a dessert and the chef's suprise!
Munster basket in Alsace
Munster package
Munster package on the table in Alsace

Munster basket

Munster basket for adults (€20): Munster cheese, smoked sausage, some bread, spätzle, a sprig of thyme, honey, grated carrots and mustard

Vegetarian munster basket (€20):
Munster cheese, bread, spätzle, a prig of thyme, honey, grated carrots and mustard

Munster basket for children (€12):
Munster cheese, some ham and bread, spätzle, honey and grated carrots

Our local suppliers

We made a conscious decision to work with local suppliers for our food packages and in our Honesty Shop, where you can also shop quality local food products:

  • Boulangerie de la Bruche: all the baked goods
  • Boucherie Streckdenfinger: all of our meats
  • Ferme du Bambois & Thirion Traiteur: the sides for all of our diner packages, and our seminar catering
  • GAEC du Chenesire: our cheeses and cookies
  • Christian Barthel and Bernard Becht: most of our best wines in the Honesty Shop

In addition to these supppliers, we have lots of recommendations regarding restaurants, local shops and other commodities, don't hesitate to ask our team!

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A couple toasting marshmallows on a campfire at Nutchel AlsaceA couple reading in book in bed in a Cosy Cabin

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