The benefits of a teambuilding seminar at Nutchel

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The benefits of a teambuilding seminar at Nutchel

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Did you know that team spirit is one of Nutchel five core values? We indeed believe in helping each other and in contributing to others' success. Organizing teambuilding and seminars for companies at Nutchel Alsace has therefore became an obvious choice for us.

So what does it mean to organize a seminar at Nutchel?


A group of colleagues enjoying DIY teambuilding ideas

Living an out-of-the-box experience

When going away with your whole company or just a part of it, you help changing the bearings of the group. By doing so, you bring new perspectives to the team, both on the professional challenges you may encounter at this time, but also to the company life as a whole. In choosing an out-of-the-box location like Nutchel, you go beyond expectations of what a traditional teambuilding could be, and open the team to the unknown, giving them the opportunity to get a new outlook on the company and the job and bring new found creativity on the table.

Venturing outside

A seminar at Nutchel means spending a few days in the middle of nature. You and your colleagues will sleep and work in a cabin in the woods: with its big steel windows, it is always looking towards nature, bringing new energy in the room and amongst colleagues, and even integrating it into your thought process. Walking also becomes part of your teambuilding experience: from the cabins to the gathering places, to the water path, into the woods… this allows the team to take a breath outside and to disconnect from the usual work-eat-sleep format for a couple of days.


A group during a teambuilding event in nature

Focusing on the essential to strengthen your bond

We are here to take care of you and your team! Together we create a simple experience without giving up the comfort and loosing focus on your seminar objectives. From sleeping in a cabin to catering with local products from our local partners, we give you the time and space of mind to focus on what really matters: living together a ground-breaking experience, which will leave a print on all the coworkers’ mind. This can all be done in an organic manner for the exchanges to flow and everyone to feel right like at home, thanks to a mix of teambuilding moments and discussions.

You feel like our seminar offers could fit your needs and expectations for your upcoming teambuilding or seminar? Contact us directly or read more about our offers here.

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