Leaving room for creativity

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Leaving room for creativity

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Finding back your inspiration

Do we take enough time in our daily lives to express our creativity, to let our minds wander without a specific goal? At Nutchel, we want to provide you with a canvas to find a spark of magic, even after your stay. And fall, with its fresh air and beautiful colors, might just be the best season to find inspiration. Whoever you are, find out how it’s done at Nutchel:

Little girl doing DIYs in the forest

Creative activities for the kids

In our two forest villages, children are invited to swap screens with fun activities, which often call on their creativity! While strolling around the domains, you will surely find our Fairy Shack, where many children have built real miniature cabins to provide a home for the fairies and elves of the forest: an essential activity before winter 😉 Each of our Cosy Chalets also have a children's corner, where our little ones can draw, color, paint... and even on the walls!

Put some magic back into your relationship

Spending a few days in our Cosy Cabins also means taking the time to make space in your mind to find back your serenity. By making yourself available, you have time for unique activities during these few days. During fall, for example, you could go picking mushrooms in the woods surrounding the forest villages. After checking that they are edible, you can, for example, cook them over a wood fire, whether on the wood stove or on the campfire area next to the Cosy Chalet. Tasty and original!

Explore new ways of organizing a seminar

Getting out of the daily grind with your colleagues is not always easy. A change of scenery could, however, help your employees regain creativity. Between Alsace and the Vosges mountains, you can collectively recharge your batteries and create bonds with your colleagues during a deep and unique experience in the heart of nature.

Add a dose of adventure to your vacation with friends

You feel like your busy life has been keeping you away from your friends? What if you reconnected together at one of our forest villages? Far from the usual distractions, you don’t have anything else to do but to spend time with your friends. Roasting marshmallows on the campfire. Making up for lost time by talking about life until dawn. Go hiking or cycling for the day. In short, another way of defining your friendship!

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