Cycling: a new way to disconnect and reconnect

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Cycling: a new way to disconnect and reconnect

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As the days are getting longer, and plants have started to bloom, it’s the best time of the year to spring forward by heading out on your bike. Jumping on a bike and riding to a new (remote) and exciting location can give you a sense of freedom that can only be felt from the saddle of a bicycle. Feel the fresh air in your hair and the dopamine as you push yourself through the outdoors and take in the scenic views around you.

A couple leaving for a biking day from Nutchel Les Ardennes

Our philosophy of biking

At Nutchel, our guests change the way they live for a couple of days, create simple emotions and reconnect to what really matters. This experience can be related to the way bike lovers feel when they bike. In fact, when bikers ride, they feel magic, and their thoughts are lighter. They become a part of what surrounds them and connect with nature.

So how can one connect with nature by biking?

Spending a couple hours on the trails can help you get away from the stresses of everyday life by connecting with nature. The freedom you experience when biking out in nature can remind you of how big the world is and remind you of all the things to be grateful for.

Take the time to take in the views, the smells and the sounds of nature while you cycle. Pay attention to what is around you and bring your senses to life. Embrace nature for its beauty, even if it’s a splash of mud or rain on your face! Take it all in and slow down.  

A girl biking through the forest

The Belgian Ardennes and French Alsatian hills - a perfect cycling destination

Whether you stay at our domain in the Alsace or in the Ardennes, it’s the ideal place to disconnect for a few days and recharge your batteries in the heart of nature. Each region has a vast majority of landscapes. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced biker, you will be able to find a variety of routes to discover each region at your own pace, according to your tastes and abilities. During your bike ride you will discover postcard-like landscapes.

Our bikes are available at different price ranges at our domains, between 59€ and 89€ per bike per day.

Great cycling routes near Les Ardennes and Alsace

Alsace: Circuit vélo C20 (duration = 1 day, 47km)

Between water and culture, this route leads through the principality of Salm to two beautiful ponds in the middle of a beautiful forest. The route leads to several small villages and hamlets of the Bruche valley (Champenay, Saulxures, Poutay...) where you will cross beautiful forests and discover centuries-old pastures.

Les Ardennes: CyclOLégendes 2 (duration= 1 day, 58km)

Starting from the Martelange Natural Park (Maison du parc naturel), the circuit crosses the communes of Martelange, Habay and Fauvillers. The route will start by going along the river Sûre and you’ll cross beautiful forests during this 58km ride.

Go on a bike adventure at Nutchel !

After a great night in your cosy cabin, enjoy a beautiful bike ride in the surroundings during your stay at Nutchel. Both our domains are located in the heart of a magnificent forest filled with beautiful circuits and breathtaking views, perfect for biking! We recommend you take the time to go on a micro-adventure for a few days by yourself or with the people you love. Our teams on site are at your disposal to recommend routes according to your wishes, and you’ll also find various flyers at our forest villages with more information about the circuits.

So, whether you slow down a bit when you are out riding your bike to be more present, or whether you start to appreciate nature a little bit more, we hope you can find joy on your bike whatever level, whatever terrain and whoever you are with. Have fun biking!

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