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A loved one offered you a gift voucher and you would like to use it for your next stay? You are in the right place! Make sure to check the steps below before filling the gift voucher form with all the necessary details. We will make sure to come back to you within the next 3 working days after receiving it.  

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Choose your location and cabin
We have different cabin types and sizes, each with their own specificities. Discover our cabins in Alsace and in Les Ardennes.
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Check our availabilities
You can find our availabilities and prices for the desired dates in our calendar for Alsace and for Les Ardennes.
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Choose your extras
We offer different options for food baskets and other adds-on to your stay, whether you plan to stay in Alsace or in Les Ardennes.

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Nowadays it is more important than ever to enjoy every moment we have and we can spend amongst our loved ones. A stay at Nutchel relieves you from daily stress and makes you rethink about the most simple but important things in life.

Are you looking for something very special to offer to your family, friends or colleagues?

Our Nutchel gift vouchers might exactly be what you are looking for. Offer some time to slow down, to reconnect to nature and that reminds you of what matters most.

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