Get your energy back in January

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Get your energy back in January

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Our energy can dip following the excesses of the festive season, but no worries. We know how to lift it again with simple tricks 😊

A couple walking in the forest in winter with sun

Leave your desk for a midweek break

January blues are compounded by the lack of daylight. It's dark when you leave the house for work in the morning, and it's dark when you leave the office in the evening. Studies show that daylight lifts the mood, even if the sun is hiding behind some clouds. With a little midweek break at Nutchel, you’ll be able to profit from those soft January sunrays all day long.

Let the joy in

At Nutchel, we are convinced that less is more, simplicity triggers our imagination and the most precious memories come from the simplest things. To start the new year right, let joy into everything you do: as you take that first sip of coffee, as your eyes fall on your child’s beaming smiling face, as you walk through beautiful nature, as you cook dinner together with your loved one.

Play time

Give yourself moments of playfulness and joy. When we were childs, we all used to play all the time. But when we became adults, many of us forgot how to play. To keep the January blues at bay, what about taking up a new hobby, something that is playful just for you? At our Cosy Chalets, we have acrylic painting and DIY activities available. You don’t need to become the next Picasso, but doing something without any purpose, just for the sake of it, will lift your mood and give you some fresh energy for the first month of the year.

Start doing five-minutes meditations

At our forest village in the Alsace, we have meditation mats available to start your daily five-minute meditation routine, which will help you to reflect and become more mindful. Slow down, inhale, exhale and enjoy the present moment that only belongs to you but nobody else.

Connect with your family, your friends or your partner

We often tend to isolate ourselves when we have the blues, which is why it’s even more important to stay in regular contact with your friends and family. As our cabins are suitable for 2 to 6 guests, they are perfectly made for a trip to disconnect from daily routine and reconnect to each other.

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