Nature as a playground

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Nature as a playground

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5 ideas on how to make the most of it

As the temperatures are gradually cooling and the end of summer is near, are the back-to-school blues taking hold of your whole little family? This is your clue to book your next holidays in nature! And what is good about Nutchel, is that nature is a real playground in autumn on both our forest villages!

Friends on a walk in the forest at fall

Feeling connected to nature during a hike in the forest

Picture this: your family walking through the Alsace forests that are changing colors, with the scent of pine needles and the sound of leaves rustling underfoot. A deep breath of fresh air, away from the stress of polluted cities, awaits!

You might get to meet with a squirrel or a fox in the forest, and if it’s raining, let your inner child speak and jump in the puddles!

Admiring beautiful landscapes on your bike

Now that the weather is a bit softer, what better way to discover the stunning landscapes in the area than on top of your bike? At both domains, we have qualitative mountain bikes for adults and kids as well as e-bikes available for rent. We designed and tested bike tours specially for you: time to hop on your bike!

Building a hut

At Nutchel, we are true hut lovers! To share our passion with the little Nutchies, we provide material and instructions to allow them to build a nice hut in the forest. This will certain make a nice shelter for the forest animal during the cold times of winter!

Freshly picked mushrooms at Nutchel Alsace

Collecting natural treasures

Autumn has so many things to offer : nature is showing off its beautiful colours and there are so many little natural treasures to be found all around. From acorns to colourful leaves, funny-looking wooden sticks and cute pebbles….

Why don’t you organize a treasure hunt in the woods so your kids discover more about nature’s beauty ? Once you’ll be back at your cabin, they will be able to do some beautiful DIYs based on our creativity book you can find inside.

Enjoying the taste of autumn

With autumn coming our way, earthy flavors are coming back in the center of our dishes. In parts of the woods nearby our forest villages, you will find a lot of mushrooms. Once you checked that they are good to eat, you can cook and try a mushroom omelette, which is our favorite meal in autumn.

And for all the foodies who are not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet: don’t worry! The terrace of your Cosy Cabin is covered so you can enjoy our delicious BBQ baskets all year long.

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