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Written by Catarina

Very soon it’s that time of the year again: Christmas. A feast of love and (initially) relaxation, sure. But aren't we all a little stressed when it comes to preparing the most delicious Christmas goose, getting presents for the whole family and squeezing into that tight fancy dress? So wouldn’t it come in handy to switch off during a few days before the Christmas marathon and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature?

Let's put it this way: a short holiday at Nutchel is perfect for a pre-Christmas break! Sitting in front of the fire with your favorite wool socks and sipping hot chocolate, strolling through colourful nature and simply enjoying not having any obligations. Wonderful, isn't it?  Whether it's as a couple or with your partner and your kids, a short break at Nutchel will help everyone relax and unwind.

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Memories that last forever

Getting up after a good sleep, preparing breakfast together, extensive walks in the countryside where young and old go on a discovery tour, game evenings and a Halloween story at the end - a family break couldn't be better, could it? 

By the way, autumn and winter are perfect for observing wild animals. And we know from our own experience that one or two foxes and many squirrels roam around our Cosy Cabins 😉 With our DIY My Nutchel activity, there is always something to do not only for nature lovers, but also for creative minds. Lovingly prepared by our team, you can craft the My Nutchel activity from natural materials found in the surrounding of your cabin. And for the ones that love water: You don't have to miss out on anything during the cold season. Our cabins with hot tub are absolute bestsellers and a welcome balance to an exciting day in nature.

Happy little family – the first holiday with your newborn

The daily routine as a young family can be overwhelming. You must get used to the new rhythm and the many tasks. Holidays are a no-go because you have to handle your baby and the household? Wrong! How about a short trip for a change that is neither stressful nor requires a lot of organization?

Just pack the essentials (click here for our What to pack list) and off you go, off to your Cosy Cabin in the middle of beautiful nature. The first holiday with a baby couldn't be more relaxed. The soft light in our cabins and the pleasantly warm temperatures through regular maintenance of the wood stove make a trip to our domains suitable, even for newborns.

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Odoo • Image and Text

Fall in love

Stress at work and countless appointments during the weekend, there is hardly any time left for togetherness! To cope with our everyday life at work as well as in our private matters, we need exactly such moments of togetherness with our partner. Only having eyes for the other person in front of you (and our cosy cabins): Book now your romantic getaway for two, or buy a gift voucher and plan your short break whenever it suits you best. 

As you can see, there's a lot more to discover in November than just rain and fog. A pre-Christmas break to focus on the simple but important things in life should find a place in everyone's schedule. 

Well, what are you still doing here? Head on over to our booking page! We look forward to welcoming you at Nutchel, whether you're a couple, a young family or a family with several kids. Nutchel is for everyone!

Memories from the Nutchel team

"There is something magical about the first big snowfall. Every year this brings me a huge amount of excitement! That’s why I always try to take the time to go on a walk in the forest when everything is covered in white and the outdoor life transforms." 

- Catarina, Marketing Trainee at Nutchel

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