Earth day: our actions for preserving nature

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Earth day: our actions for preserving nature

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On the 22nd of April, millions of people around the world celebrate Earth Day to show support for the environment. This annual event brings together millions of people, highlighting the urgent need for immediate action to save our planet.

How does Nutchel play a part in supporting the environment? Read further to discover more about how we are positively contributing to the preservation of nature 😊

A before after picture of the Canopy cabins area in Les Ardennes

Reforestation - giving nature a second life

Mindful about our environmental impact, we took up the challenge of revitalizing deserted tourist lands with great potential. We try to give nature a second life and restore it to its former glory. In fact, Les Ardennes used to be a campsite deserted for over 27 years and our forest village in the Alsace used to be a holiday village with old bungalows, where nature didn’t have much space to exist. Today, 67 non-invasive wooden Cosy Cabins have taken their place.

Did you know? 15% of the booking price finances the reforestation of our forest villages!

Plant your tree

With our “plant you tree” activity, all Nutchel guests can plant their own tree at our forest villages.

At the opening of the two domains, together with our landscapist, over 2.500 plants and trees have been planted at Les Ardennes and over 3.700 in the Alsace.

Join our mission and plant your tree today for a greener tomorrow, what do you think?

A nature positive approach

We strive to work on the right balance between our human footprint and respect for the environment, in order to offer guests the ultimate experience of slow responsible tourism. Our Cosy Cabins are prefabricated in Belgium, and from there transported to their final destination. The cabins are placed on steel poles and therefore installed without foundation on the ground: they can easily be removed or replaced, and nature is not impacted in the process! Lastly, most of the furniture inside our cabins is made from recycled wood by our own team or local partners.

If we have to leave in 30 years, we will take our cabins with us and leave a new and young forest behind.” – Clémence Rousseau-Dumarcet, co-founder of Nutchel

Supporting the local community

At Nutchel, we maintain a close relationship with the local community and therefore opt for short supply chains. For our food baskets, we mainly work with local suppliers such as bakers or butchers. It is important for us to work together with brands that share our values: regionality, sustainability and quality.

Our Forest Villages are located in beautiful green areas surrounded by enchanting woodlands and mountains. A short break at Nutchel offers many opportunities to explore the surrounding nature. Adventurous hiking trails, idyllic cycling routes and other activities let you discover the beauty of Mother Nature!

Let's start today

As individuals, we all have the simple yet effective power to make our voices heard through our choices. Our future depends on our actions, big or small, all actions count. On Earth Day, let’s stand up for the environment together: let’s make Earth’s heart beat stronger to save our planet, our home.

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