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Autumn breaks at Nutchel are like no other.

While walking around our domain and their beautiful surroundings, let you enchant by the spectacular scenery, feel the leaves crunch underfoot and disconnect in your private Cosy Cabin hot tub. With a wide range of in- and outdoor activities to try, a stay at a Nutchel is perfect for young and old. Make your autumn extra special by joining us for a few days and experience Nutchel to the fullest.


Watching the leaves turning from green to gold and enjoying the last rays of sunlight on your cheeks is when autumn slowly hits. Observe another wonder of nature and numerous squirrels running around our domains to prepare for winter. Enjoy a September break complete with walks and crisp air, cosy campfire nights and slow morning coffees next to your big cabin window or on the terrace.

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Stay with us this October and reconnect with nature as the weather cools down and the forest appears in golden colors. Make the most out of your half-term break and cosy up in your Cabin with the whole family. Enjoy the most colorful season of the year and explore the surroundings in the Alsace or the Ardennes. Get cosy by the fireside with your loved ones and make your October holiday a magical one.

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Come together with your family or your friends for a spooky getaway at one of our Cosy Cabins in the midst of nature. Discover the secrets of the forest, spend time together laughing and carving pumpkins or toast marshmallows at dusk. Enjoy the little things.

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