Witnessing the change of season in nature

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Witnessing the change of season in nature

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Here comes the sun! Like in the songfrom the Beatles, this winter has been feeling somewhat long, cold and lonely. Butnow, we feel that the ice is slowly melting and the weather is finally getting clear. Our forest villages are open all year long, which allow us to witness the nature in all its states, but the renewing seasons make it even more exciting.


A tiny house with a hot tub in spring

Spring: rebirth of the nature and of our state of mind

Just like we are drawing energy from the days getting longer, the sun gives nature a new boost. During your walk around Nutchel Alsace or Les Ardennes, you will see tree buds peaking and the forests getting greener in all shades. It Is the perfect time to start anew, make room for new projects. What if we started with a big spring cleaning, and not only of our homes but also from our body and mind? Our cosy cabins might just be the perfect place to do so!


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Summer: freedom at its peak

As the sun reaches its zenith and the days stretch long, we find ourselves drawn to the outdoors, where the possibilities seem endless. The summer holidays are an invitation to shed the constraints of routine, allowing ourselves to roam and explore beautiful nature with a sense of uninhibited joy.


Autumn: nesting in a colorful nature

With its colorful leaves and cooler breezes, it's like a painting come to life in autumn. It's a reminder to appreciate the beauty around us and to gather with loved ones in a Cosy Cabin. What’s better than grabbing a cozy sweater and taking a stroll through the falling leaves together, before getting cozy with a hot cocoa in hand?


Winter: getting cosy and embracing simplicity

Winter invites us to slow down, to cherish quiet moments with the people that matter most, and to find beauty in the simplicity of a snow-covered landscape. Time to bundle up tight and embrace the serenity of winter's embrace!


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